In this consulting package, I will personally meet with a group of landowners to help establish a solid management plan.  Please contact me for details, 715-222-4357.

The process of working management plans with neighboring landowners is a great challenge.  There are many small details that will either move the process two steps forward or two steps backward.

Our intention is to help landowners work together with their neighbors so the whitetail deer population will thrive across their entire range!




We have worked together with our neighboring landowners to manage the whitetail deer in an organized way since 2008.  But the roots of our communication really go back to the early 2000s.

In the mid 2000s a mature buck in our area was 3.5 years old and our population was overrun with does.  We worked together to balance the herd and grow our mature buck population.

We now enjoy phenomenal hunting opportunities every year.  In the 2500 acre area that we manage, we harvested 18 bucks in the 2020 hunting season with an average age of 4.5 years old.