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Package Includes:
1 Cuddeback Cuddelink Cell G-5109 Powered by Verizon Specifications:
Megapixels: 20
Trigger Speed: ¼ second
LEDs: 56 850nm
Flash Type: Low Glow IR
Flash Range: 100 feet
Battery Type: 4 X D
2 Blackflash J-1538s Specifications:
Megapixels: 20
Trigger Speed: ¼ second
LEDs: 24 940nm
Flash Type: Totally invisible flash
Flash Range: 50 feet
Battery Type: 4 X D
3 Solar Power Banks PW-3600 Specifications:
Will power each camera indefinitely with adequate sunlight, 4-6 hours per day.
3 16G SD Cards
The Cell Camera G-5109 in this package allows you to have your pictures e-mailed or texted to you with no intrusion to your property. The Cell Camera is your HOME Camera. The 2 Blackflash J-1538 cameras, REMOTE cameras, will send their images to the home camera.
This system allows you less intrusion into your most important hunting spots only diving in when the cameras tell you the time is right.
If you have any interest in this product or want to inquire about a different package and price, please drop us a line. Thank you for your interest!
Hunters Warehouse provides consulting service for setting up your cameras on site or remotely.

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