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Whitetail Deer Herd Management Tools


Improved Hunting Opportunities

Internal Flame Outdoors offers Whitetail Deer Management tools to help landowners work together to build the optimal Whitetail Deer Herd. Damon Parr obtained a bachelor of science degree in Environmental Studies with an emphasis on Wildlife Management.  He has spent the last 13+ years working together with neighboring landowners to manage the whitetail deer for optimal herd health.


Our Mission & Vision

Our mission at Internal Flame Outdoors is to help landowners implement the process of working together with their neighboring landowners to promote a healthier deer herd.

Internal Flame Outdoors

Benefits of The Herd Management Tool

The benefits of using the herd management tool are:

  • Know how many bucks were harvested in your hunting area
  • Know the age of the bucks harvested in your hunting area
  • Know which particular bucks were harvested, which means it is less likely that bucks will disappear without you knowing what happened
  • Historical record keeping, giving a clear picture of the population dynamics over time
  • A better understanding of the buck-to-doe ratio
  • Understanding of the age class of bucks
  • Understanding of:
  • Acres per buck harvested
  • Acres per doe harvested