Any Property Anywhere

When landowners start working together to manage the Whitetail Deer, the potential for the health of the herd is limitless!

Our Inspiration

My target is for every hunter to experience success!  

Where we were

In the mid 2000s, there were not many mature deer in our hunting area and the buck to doe ratio was not in balance.

Where We Stand Now

We now manage a 2500 acre area with 14 different landowners.  We share information, working together, striving for the healthiest deer herd possible.

In the 2020-2021 hunting season, we harvested 18 different bucks in the 2500 acre area.  

The average age of the bucks we harvested were 4.6 years old with 5 bucks grossing over 150".

Deer Herd Management

State wildlife agencies can only manage the deer to the county or unit level. Whitetail deer management must get more concentrated to be effective.

Hunters, landowners are the only ones who have intimate enough knowledge of the deer herd to manage the herd effectively.

Most landowners do not own enough land to cover the whitetail deer range. So the only way to effectively manage the whitetail deer is through landowners working together to manage the deer across property lines.

Our Mission

Our mission at Internal Flame Outdoors is for all landowners to work together with their neighbors to promote the healthiest deer herd possible!

What Sets Us Apart

We have a proven system that works.  In 2008, the average age of bucks harvested in our area were under 3 years old.  Today, in 2022, we consistently have an average age of bucks harvested at 4+ years old.  We continue to scratch the surface of bigger and bigger bucks and the herd in general is the healthiest we have ever seen.