Herd Management Tool


The Herd Management Tool allows multiple landowners to share important whitetail deer harvest data.  Specific harvest data is critical for successful whitetail deer management from landowner to landowner!

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The herd management tool acts as a conduit of communication between neighboring landowners.  The deer herd and landowners will thrive when using this tool constructively.

The benefits of using the herd management tool are:

  • Know how many bucks were harvested in your hunting area
  • Know the age of the bucks harvested in your hunting area
  • Know which particular bucks were harvested which means it is less likely that bucks will disappear without you knowing what happened.
  • Historical record keeping, giving a clear picture of the population dynamics over time
  • Better understanding of buck to doe ratio
  • Understanding of the age class of bucks
  • Understanding of
    • Acres per buck harvested
    • Acres per doe harvested
  • Historical record keeping